The Tanks of Donbass (I) English Version

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The Tanks of Donbass Chapter I

Author: Pablo González “Ilusionista”, Journalist. (Exclusive content for the Clan Tercios Españoles-Spanish Rush)

For my work as a journalist I covered the crisis in Ukraine since the beginning of the Maidan in Kiev, to Crimea, and of  course the war of Donbass. Without going into political or other reasons why conflict develope, I want to speak about the tanks that were involved in it. However, I want to do in a rather colloquial way and from the perspective of Blitz WoT fans here.

As it is quite logical, of tanks present in WoT Battle Blitz few could play well into the twenty-first century. The weight of the fighting has fallen on the T-64, just under the T-72 in a testimonial way and for the future in the T-80. Later, in other deliveries, I will talk about these vehicles and their family lines with which we play in WoT Blitz, but earlier in the text, I mention the tanks that have actually gone into action and many of us have T-34, or have had it, in our garages .

It seems incredible, but Donbass War we has seen in action machines as legendary as the IS-3 and T-34. Both in a most testimonial and anecdotical way, but they have gone into action, or they have tried.

T34.85 as a monument
T34.85 as a monument

At the beginning of the phase of armed confrontation between Ukrainian troops and rebels of the Donbass, the latter were at a great disadvantage when in reference to weapons. I myself was a witness of  the capture of the first armored tanks by the rebels, six tanks based on the BMD Airborne, but they still had no tanks. So they turned to museum exhibits and monuments! It is known the Soviet tradition of placing tanks as monuments in places where there were battles during World War II. In most cases the tank which is placed needs not be of the type that really fought there. That was the case of the IS-3 in Konstantinovka village.

In early June 2014, the rebels managed to start this heavy tank. Here’s the video of the moment. Although they boot and put the car in motion, this was in a terrible state, as seen in the video. Here we can say undoubtly that the quality of the tanks was awesome: they may not have air conditioning, but its brutality made it start up after more than fifty years standing!

That was pretty much all the tank could do. Once it moved,  the rebels ran into the problem that they had no ammunition for the 122mm gun of the IS-3. Artillery ammunition of the same caliber available was not worth for the tank. Imagine an IS-3 without ammunition, with the damaged engine, the crew 50%, caterpillars weakened, damaged deposits, etc., that is what rebels had with this vehicle. A semi-mobile armored observation post. Good target for the enemy and little real utility. In August 2014, the Ukrainian troops recaptured them.

A similar story happened to several T-34/85 that the rebels had launched. Their biggest problem is the lack of 85mm ammunition for the main gun. Despite being in better shape in terms of mobility, the absence of major weapons, and an extremely weak armor (in WoT Blitz we have all suffered it) make these tanks a good targets to shoot at, and very dangerous for the crew. In a rebel unit of Lugansk region one T-34/85 has repaired and, for all I know, it’s still working as an armored transport.

In next chapter I’ll tell you about the T-64/72/80 at the Donbass war. Its use, its problems, and the relationship of these cars with some of those we have in our garages WoT Blitz.

We hope that our work deserves your interest (and, who knows, if a new section of news created by the staff. Lol)

Translated by Rafael Ordóñez (ElCidCampeador2014)


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