Medium tanks: hungry wolves

The previous article in this series of tactics has led me to my early days in the game. I still remember when I started. By then, my dream was to develop the legendary Panther. I had no idea that this was an “average” tank and it was a difficult tank to play (mostly considering it is radically “nerfed” in Blitz). My disappointment was great when I got to Tier VII and discovered that all pierced me and I lasted a minute in the battlefield. “True Panther is not this one. The real one is the Panther II, the following Tier “- I said to my self. And Panther II, another failure. Leer más “Medium tanks: hungry wolves”


The Stug III was one of the most popular tank destroyers in the German army during World War II

First of all, we define as tank destroyers those tanks that mostly lack of turret. Most of them are one “block” with the exception of some as Hellcat, T30, M110E4 or British fv 183. Of course, the best definition of this type of tank is the one we can do for their function and so we say that their primary mission is to destroy other tanks. Leer más “Tank Destroyer: NOT “CAMPER” NOR “BRAWLER”. SIMPLY EFFECTIVE”

Model tanks. A bit of history: Tiger I

Pere is very fond of models. He belongs to TESR1 and loves tank models. He is going to write some articles about the history and characteristics of several tanks that took part in the WW2 and appear in the game whose models he owns.

Leer más “Model tanks. A bit of history: Tiger I”

Our Web will include an English version of all articles

paginaeninglesFrom now on, all articles in our web will be written both in Spanish and in English. With this work we try to make it easy for our friends in Europe to follow the steps of our clan and get to know about our activities. We will also provide tutorials for anyone who is interested. News and thoughts about the game or any other things related to it will be the themes of our writes.
Just click on the British fan on top right of every article and you will be directed to the English version. I am only going to beg you for your pardons ONCE for my English.

English version
English version

At the moment, only new articles will be translated but we will try to do the same with the rest of the page and all its stories published before.
We are anxiously looking forward for your comments and feedback. Thanks.

Winter Malinovka: a Kolkhoz like many others

Malinovka is a small group of houses with gardens on the Russian’s steppe. Recent snowfalls bring a picturesque landscape. Malinovska

Mapa Malinovska
Mapa Malinovska

is just a Kolkhoz, or collective farm, where the only prominent building is the humble Orthodox Church temple (1) that, probably, in these times of collectivization has lost its sacred purpose and has been converted into a barn. The aim of the struggle is precisely conquering the small area cleared before the porch of this building. Leer más “Winter Malinovka: a Kolkhoz like many others”

Game Mechanics for Newbies

Original article publised in WOTBlitz Forum by DerpyMcderp

Welcome to my guide about game mechanics just to help you guys new to the game. Most if not all mechanics will be mentioned here!

Number 1: Sixth Sense.

This is usually the first thing a new player sees. Sixth sense is a notice to tell you that you have been spotted by an enemy teammate. It appears in the forms of a light bulb and a small “ping” sound (no, your crew doesn’t have a cunning plan). This makes you visible to EVERY enemy team mate. If you are the first person spotted, this usually results in a hailstorm of shells hitting your tank. So, if you do get spotted, try and dash to cover so you don’t die prematurely. Leer más “Game Mechanics for Newbies”