Game Mechanics for Newbies

Original article publised in WOTBlitz Forum by DerpyMcderp

Welcome to my guide about game mechanics just to help you guys new to the game. Most if not all mechanics will be mentioned here!

Number 1: Sixth Sense.

This is usually the first thing a new player sees. Sixth sense is a notice to tell you that you have been spotted by an enemy teammate. It appears in the forms of a light bulb and a small “ping” sound (no, your crew doesn’t have a cunning plan). This makes you visible to EVERY enemy team mate. If you are the first person spotted, this usually results in a hailstorm of shells hitting your tank. So, if you do get spotted, try and dash to cover so you don’t die prematurely.

Number 2: Camo

Camo is why you don’t get spotted. Maximum spotting distance is hindered by camo rating. If you had zero camo rating, you would be spotted instantly by everyone if you’re in their maximum spotting distance (how far they can see, NOT DRAW DISTANCE).

For instance, let’s take a StuG III G -a very stealthy machine- and put it next to a Maus -the biggest, heaviest tank in the game. If both tanks are right next to each other, you will ALWAYS see the Maus first, because it has a relatively poor camo rating. Put the StuG in a bush and tell it not to move or fire. It is nearly invisible because of the bush combined with the excellent camo rating.

Number 3: Crew skill

Crew skill is how well your crew knows your tank, the more percentage of crew skill a tank has, the best it will perform. This includes reload speed, repair speed, aiming time, and view distance. These can be boosted by consumables and equipment (improved vent and nation specific food and drink) in battle. If a crew member gets knocked out, their effective crew skill gets set to 0% which can seriously screw up your day if you didn’t bring a med kit or a glorious multipurpose kit. If all your crew get knocked out, you can no longer control your tank as there are no combat-effective crew to take over roles and you are considered dead on the battlefield, just with less explosion.

Number 4: Module Damage

Modules are what make your tank work like your engine, tracks, fuel and ammo, if these get hit, they get damaged, or worse, destroyed. If anything gets damaged (it turns yellow on the HUD below the health bar) it will work at 50% reliability, with the exception of tracks and view ports, which just tell you that it may break soon. If the engine gets damaged, you slow down to half your top speed and half traverse speed. Fuel hit? more likely to be set afire by following shots. Gun hit? Your accuracy is severely reduced. Ammo? twice as much reload speed.

When those modules get destroyed: tracks? You can’t move. View ports? You cannot see. Gun? You can’t shoot. Engine? you cannot move. Again, fuel? You set alight instantly. Ammo? Instant death, 1 hit kill, game over.

Number 5: Penetration

Penetration is quite simple: if the penetration number exceeds the armour number, it will penetrate. However, angled and sloped armour increase the effectiveness of the armour and make shells harder to penetrate- The best example is side scraping, where you park behind a building, and reverse until you can see an enemy on the other side. They can only shoot at your very heavily angled side armour, an almost indefinite bounce. Since HE doesn’t get normalisation* against armour like AP and APCR/HVAP, it does pretty terribly against angled armour, but it has splash damage. So even if it doesn’t penetrate, it can still do splash damage. If a HE shell doesn’t penetrate the armour, it will deal this damage, which is first mitigated by much armour. There is where you shot and the area around it, if you shoot at super armoured targets, you will do minimal to no splash damage (e.g, the T95)

This was my first guide, let me know what you think?

Now get out there. Tanks won’t be blown up by ghosts…



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