Winter Malinovka: a Kolkhoz like many others

Malinovka is a small group of houses with gardens on the Russian’s steppe. Recent snowfalls bring a picturesque landscape. Malinovska

Mapa Malinovska
Mapa Malinovska

is just a Kolkhoz, or collective farm, where the only prominent building is the humble Orthodox Church temple (1) that, probably, in these times of collectivization has lost its sacred purpose and has been converted into a barn. The aim of the struggle is precisely conquering the small area cleared before the porch of this building.
Tanks set off on two diametrically opposed sides located in the southeast (3) and northeast (4) points on the map. Usually, the Match Making places heavy tanks and tank destroyers (TDs) focused on the northeast corner while the medium tanks and some fast heavy tank are oriented to the southwest corner of the map.
As a basic strategy in this map, medium tanks should go to the highest point on the map, known as “the mill” (2), due to there is a windmill on the top of the hill. The aim is to reach it as quickly as possible. Once there, they should just show their turrets to detect enemy vehicles that are coming up and shoot them avoiding any damage until they are close.
At this point of the fight, heavy tanks should have amply reached the height and medium tanks should step back and give way to heavy tanks and TDs to complete the job. Finally, there are two possible options for the medium tanks: cover the team’s back against possible medium tanks flanking or go to outflank the enemy’s heavy tanks and TDs who are focused in combat with our own heavies.
A second variant of the strategy aims heavy tanks to the mill while TDs are camping around the initial point (Spawn) and medium tanks try to surprise enemy lines from behind, going around to the outer edge of the map to their spawn point and from there to the mill from their rear side.

Translation by Pepuhito


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