Type 59. Lost and Found

Well, here it is. We  found it. The Type 59 which was suppossed to be lost after December’s contest “The 12 Objetives of Blitz” has been found y the garage of a member of clan Tercios. And we didn’t know it!

Type_59_tank en el garaje de Miquelonix
Type 59 in his garage Type 59 chino en el Garaje de Miquelonix. ¡Ya te vale!

Miquelonix worked hard tu get his Type 59. Miquelonix earned 600 basic experience points in a battle last December, 8Th. Miquelonix was lucky and was awarded one of the three Type 59 that day. Be Miquelonix and Play.

Congratulations, Miquelonix. This tank look quite line been really cool. And help us keep all prizes This iswhithin our garages. Let them all be for TESR.

La cara que nos ha quedado a nosotros cuando hemos sabido que a nuestro compañero te tocó el Gordo y no lo ha compartido


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