Campers, snipers, noobs

Camping three yards over the ground is one of noobs golden slumber

Surely sometimes you have wondered what are all these words in the dictionary for. Especially when the three appear to mean the same thing.

But it is a mistake. All three are different concepts. Let’s spend a few lines comment on each of them and know what they consist on exactly.

A Sniper is a sniper. His role in the game is clear: find a suitable location, controlling the battlefield, and from there do as much damage to opponents as possible without being detected and killed. In the moment when enemy targets get out of reach, move to a new location to keep on punishing them and supporting theirs.
Camper: who goes for a picnic. An omelette, cold chicken breasts, sandwiches, good wine and enjoy the day. Usually stays in the starting point. He looks for a spot and waits for someone to pass by neat his range of vision to shoot him if possible. He is usually the last survivor of the losing team. Die harassed by five opponents. RIP.
Noob: 1754 battles, WR 43.75, its first tier seven (one Panther). Green as green wheat. In your starting point, a centurion 7/1 and t44 are with you. Panic. What do I do? shall I follow them? I’d rather hide behind this big rock to see what happens. In these and other deep thoughts he wastes the first two minutes. The T44 and the Centurion has fallen against all three opponents. He dies rapped without having fired once.

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