Medium tanks: hungry wolves

The previous article in this series of tactics has led me to my early days in the game. I still remember when I started. By then, my dream was to develop the legendary Panther. I had no idea that this was an “average” tank and it was a difficult tank to play (mostly considering it is radically “nerfed” in Blitz). My disappointment was great when I got to Tier VII and discovered that all pierced me and I lasted a minute in the battlefield. “True Panther is not this one. The real one is the Panther II, the following Tier “- I said to my self. And Panther II, another failure.

Well, ignoring the fact that, at least in the game, Panther II is not the best tank, I have to admit I went through all the stages that any “noob” goes through when developing its first line. In my first battles with the Panther I set out the first, getting nowhere before the others of my team, plant myself in the way and … got shots form everywhere and fell before doing practically any damage. I was called “Pigeon chest” by a few. “Noob”, by most. Cromwell


After some research in World of Tanks forum, I learned that the job Panther hold better , or one it did the best, was “Sniper”. There I went. In the begining of the battle looked for a good “spot” and waited for the enemy to pass by, if they did. I was the last of my team to fall. I was at the end of the battle surrounded by enemies who tore me. My teammates proclaimed from the rooftops (“the very stones prate of my whereabout” to quote Richard III) the place where I hid, They preached enthusiastically my virtues and affectionately called “motherfucker”, “coward”, “camper” and, of course, “noob”

These youthful sins cost me a considerable amount in Win Rate and self esteem. So I went to another line.

With the pass of time and a lot of games in Youtube viewed, advices from friends and forum threads I realized my mistakes:

Medium tanks are not “Brawlers”. Do not intend to crawl through the streets of Middleburg and confront face to face with heavies. Nor they are “campers”. They should not take a good sniper position and remain there throughout the battle.

Medium tanks are fast, with high rate of fire, accuracy in shooting; but their armor is weak, their shot damage is lower than in heavies, on the streets of a city they are sick ducks.

How do I use a medium tank, then?

Take advantage of its speed. Go ahead a team to explore (“Scout”) but do not let them kill you. Hold the position until heavies reach your possition, if you can. At that time, withdraw and try to find the back of the enemy team.

Avoid a direct confrontation with one or more heavies you cannot encircle, do not insist in an exchange of fire (“do not trade shots”). They are better armored and their shots do more harm than yours. Flee like a rat. Do not be ashamed of it. Escape as a soul taken to hell by the devil. Leave them for another day, but catch their faces, hehe. Thus, when you unexpectedly meet them at a later time in the game, you will take your revenge.

Run, Forrest. Run. You are fast. Surround the ends of the map seeking their base. “Lam” the unfortunate that has stayed there AFK. don’t forgive his life because the connection of its owner can be retrieved at any time and you’ll have one more enemy. Then, go on looking the back of those bastards who are pounding your team with impunity in the curve of mill.

If you meet the mediums of the opposing team, struggle. Try to preserve your valuable health points. Do not risk. If you are brave or rather foolhardy do not do it for yourself, but for your team.

If meeting a heavy in uncovered field, dedicate him a macabre dance: just make him the core of a “Circle of Death”.

Hide, stand back, run around, lam, attack like cowards, by their back (and if possible, do not let them realize you are there!). Medium tanks are not for noble knights fighting face to face with undaunted gesture, but for sewer rats, for wolves that attack in packs. That is their nature.

Anytime you want frontal attack and fighting between knights, choose a heavy. But of course we will discuss in the next article in this series …

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