February’s ICE Event will take place next Friday

ICE Event  (Inter Clan Event) this month has already got a date. The meeting will take place within the server of Phoenix the next February 12th starting at 8 pm (CET) 7 pm (GMT) and the members of our clans, of course, are invited.

For those who do not know, the ICE event is a gathering of clans across Europe that the Phoenix Clan organizes every month on their Team Speak server. Tercios Españoles has been taking part of this activity since December and is a moment awaited by all to meet face to face with some of the best players in the continent (and the islands).

Essentially, it comes to be playing as we do in our own Team Speak but in a TS server with 100 or more players from Europe belonging to clans like LOCA, PHOENIX, VANGUARD, etc. Each clan remains in a room that is allocated and waits behind joint account.

We will play batches of battles of level 10 to level 8. An hour followed alternately with each play level. Every eight minutes a game begins. Several notices “two minutes left”, “30 seconds” and a countdown coordinate all enter together.
Although all communications within the event will be in English it is not very problematic because there is always someone in the room who understands English properly. In addition, numbers from 1 to 5 are well known to everyone. Hehe.

-Bring earphones
-Turn the microphone off if your environment is noisy.
-Use your nick in the game plus Clan’s name into brackets: ElCidCampeador2014 [TESRH]
As in items 8 and 10 levels will alternate:
If you do not have level X, you can use a IX
If you do not have a VIII, using a VII
It would be unfair to enter a game level 8 with a tier 9. The player who do not do this properly will be kicked off from the server for rest of the day.

Set up your Team Speak 3 app by adding a server on which the address field is: ts.clan-phoenix.com

No password is requires. Your nick, according to instructions.

If you have any questions, leave a comment here or whatsapp group.

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