Fu’ Matchmaking

paisaje t34-e100 copiaEntering the Wot Blitz Forum and finding multiple threads on the intrinsical evil of Match Making has become a nightmare. The matching algorithm is for most players the worst mistake in the game which, on the other hand, is a true technological marvel that only the miracle of disproportionate development of electronics has enabled.
A large number of players complain that they are always disadvantaged by MM who paired them with the unredeemed rookie teams thirsty of defeat and death. Bad luck for those players who did not go on the opposing team. Hehe.
From there to the conspiranoic theory there is a little jump. Wargaming makes us miserably  fail again and again to force us to spend money on premium accounts and premium tanks.
Along the many years I have dedicated to the teaching of Universal Art and History, I have been well known among my students for my hability to explain any past, present or future reality by going back to the times of the Roman Empire. AD OVO. I will not stop going “AD OVO” just because we are here, in a virtual world.
So to understand this topic of discussion, let’s go ad ovo, from egg, to the origin.
I will try to explain this situation, as I see it, from the origins (although, for once, I will not mention the Roman Empire).
First, I must say that it is unlikely that Wargaming analyzes player stats as carefully as to promote the winning streaks and losing alternatives as part of an evil plot that would lead us to spend money on the game. The “spells” are due, most likely, to:
– Our mood. Your being wide awake, focused and courageous will lead you to a series of well calibrated battles in which your contribution is large enough to overturn the situation for us and our team. After a roll usually comes a slump caused, more than likely, by an excess of self-confidence because of the lucky performance in the previous days and external factors such as poor connection, bad luck with equipment and a thousand other causes beyond our control. As the Romans said (well, the Roman Stoics. Once again the Romans) Fate is a sequence of events strung together by causality and so it is even though we are ourselves unable to establish connections. That is, there are objective reasons but we do not know them because they are beyond our comprehension.
– Our play level is what it is. Reality is what it is. And it is unalterable. Although we think that we will be able to play better every day, our limitations will keep us glued, weighted at a level that, sooner or later, will stabilize. At this level, we will raise our Win Rate few tenths to fall again like a roller coaster because growing indefinitely is against nature. We play with six others and against seven others. They also go through their cycles and their circumstances converge with ours interacting. So to say, you cannot win every battle because it is factually impossible and Destiny knows.


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