1st Tercios Españoles Annual Meeting 2016

It seems like yesterday when, through the game chat, I received a mysterious message from olo_Alf_olo. My hero (who was Captain America for me by then) invited me to join the creators of a clan  and he asked me for my whatsapp. Of course, I rushed to send him my number as if the prettiest girl in the High School had told me we could meet on Saturday (and I were 17 years old).
Of course it was not yesterday. It was on June 24th last year. Two days before Blitz’s birthday . The first days were very active. Incoporaciones continuous

The meeting will take place in Madrid
The meeting will take place in Madrid

expansion of the group and whatsapp. The four or five members of the first day we become dozens in a week.
Currently, Tercios Españoles that was the name we gave our newborn Clan after several ballots, has nearly a hundred members distributed in three clans. We are a multinational. LOL.
Lots of activity and success of Tercios Españoles, which has managed to capture some of the most renowned Spanish community and a growing number of promises players, has made months fly by. A Web, Mail, Facebook, Tweeter, Padlet, Team Speak … All a prestigious Clan may wish to have. Whatsapp groups keep us active. Forums and united, social networks and the web expose us to the world of WoTblitz where we are make making a room of prestige among the best clans in Europe.
This is all very nice, but is now ..? Pixel soldiers who are members of Tercios Españoles know each other as if we were friends in real life. Our nicknames, hobbies, quirks are known by us all. But it’s not enough.
So we thought it would be worth an activity that is becoming sued by many of our members: one “meeting”.
1st Tercios Españoles Annual Meeting 2016
None of those who have already commented on this need has doubted that the right place to meet in person must be Madrid. Mainly because, being in the geographic center of the peninsula, it suits more or less well all of us. Cadiz, Barcelona and Pontevedra are wonderful places to meet, but the distance for some of us would be excessive.
Moreover, the date is clear: the birthday Clan. Or, at least, the next week day.
It does also seems easy to decide. We all share a passion for the tanks. A visit to the Museum of Tanks El Goloso is required. No assembly is required. A visit to the Museum of Prado for “Cultured” is also a possibility (personally I offer to guide you through the Seven Fundamental Works of El Prado). The possibilities for other activities are still open.
To coordinate this activity, a team of the Government Commission already manages aspects such as accommodation and food. The conclusion of the visit to the Museum of El Goloso (should be on 26th June, Sunday) is pending bureaucratic details (the assistant must contribute DNI and vehicle registration).
And there’s only you left. For that reason and in order to go about specifying your assistance, we will create a static Web page containig a detailed program and a registration form. Also, we will begin collecting dues. Stay tuned for the release of the page that will be announced today or tomorrow. Now you will be able to apply from that very moment.
Do no waste this chance to meet face to face and playing in platoon in the same room (do not think any Wifi will hold it, lol). We will send you the link as soon as the static page is created. Please visit it periodically because the news will be added gradually.

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