First WoTBlitz International Alliance Takes Off

The challenge of Clan Wars is leading the best clans in Europe to join. In this line, a federation of clans willing to face new situations that arise from the implementation of Clan Wars has just been created under the denomination of “Dark Side Alliance” (DSA). Young alliance is composed by the popular clans W4R0, KRKN, LGN, RA1D, OMNI, SCRY and K4ZNA as founders clans.
The new Dark Side Alliance created with the aim of incorporating other clans to his project for which applicant clans must have some basic requirements as an average damage of 1600 points, an activity of 25 battles per day, a minimum of 59% of average WR and they will pass a test in training rooms facing Clan Wars 7 players of the founding clans. In addition, applicants must have Teamspeak3 on their devices and must be accepted by unanimous consent of the founders Clans DSA.
In order to build strong ties between clans of the Alliance, they’ll all share the newly purchased Team Speak clan server in which each of them will have their own rooms and have access to the common rooms created for this purpose. In a room where players from different clans are present simultaneously, it is mandatory the use of English.
Interest in better knowing each other has made us design a system using the training rooms in which we can share practice spaces with all the clans of the Alliance. A timetable from Monday to Thursday will be issued every Friday to entablish the matches with the other clans. The training rooms will be created including the name of the alliance such as “Dark Side Alliance – LGN vs W4RO” in the title, for example.
As a step in the integration of our clans in the goals of the Alliance, the description in the game will state that we are members of DSA. For example, the description of  Spanish clan will pray “TESRH, proud member of Dark Side Alliance”.
Dark Side Clan members, by the sole fact of being, accept a common code of conduct that includes:
– Decisions made by Dark Side Alliance must have been approved by a majority (currently 4 + 1 votes).
– Applicants will only be admitted if unanimously accepted by the founders clans.
– Excluding a clan may only be carried out with good reason, prooves and the acceptance of all the Founders Clans. Even a founder Clan may be sanctioned with expulsion and judged by a court of Founders only Clans.
– Rude attitude, bad behavior, disrespect or being accused of provocations will imply a citation on Team Speak with the victim and the leaders of both clans to resolve the situation friendly.

– NOTE: If the same player is again disrespectfull for the second time, he will be excluded from the DSA.
– If a clan (including Founders Clans) fails to assist to three Alliance meetings in a row and does not participate in the activities of the same common mind, it will be proposed for exclusion.
– We will set up a Facebook group managed by the Alliance Leader to manage public relations of the Alliance.
– The Ethical Code of the Alliance will be based on the lema:  “
Loyalty, Unity, Honor and Respect“.
– All allied clans will be active and involved in the actions of DSA. We are looking for responsibility, good manners in battle, human values of respect and mutual understanding.
– DSA focuses on Clan Wars but at the same time, we intend to build a community for our alliance.
Good manners are very important in battle. No insults inside or outside the Alliance are allowed. We want to be a respected alliance and not to ashamed our name taking immature decisions.
We are all equal. Playing better or worse does not change anything because we are all people who have a real life. Nor are acceptable behaviors racism or religious discrimination.
We will set the foundations of a good teamwork and try to learn from each other. We will listen and we’ll worry about each other to the point of “take a shot” at battle for a mate. The Dark Side Alliance lives in each of us and we must take pride in our Alliance respecting the Ethical Code and the resolutions adopted by the Founding Clans.


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