The increase in the number of Spanish clans and players of our nationality in clans gives as a consequence that we frequently meet compatriots in our team and the opposite.
Unfortunately, not all players have the same level of verbal containment, nor the same attitude of sportsmanship in the game which causes, more and more often, conflicts and exchange of insults often very unpleasant.

Given this evidence and, taking advantage of the existence of the alliance of Spanish clans, the purpose of this writing is to establish a protocol of action to these undesirable attitudes that we all want to eradicate.


1. In the first place, the affected player must not respond in any case to the provocations and will take a capture of the screen in which the insulting expressions can be appreciated.

2. Then, the capture should be sent to the leader of his clan who will be the one who files the corresponding complaint to the clan leader of the offending player. We should not hear any allegations from a player in our clan that was not well founded and documented.

3. The complaint should be forwarded to the competent body or clan leader of the other player, never directly addressed to him. It is assumed that the clans have the necessary mechanisms to accuse the offender and the will to do so with all the firmness. Likewise, we should be able to determine if the degree of insult justifies such actions. Words like Noob do not seem serious enough to justify a trial and punishment.

4. The character of the punishment shall be proportionate to the offense in accordance with the disciplinary regulations of the clan to which he belongs.

5. The sentence, once issued, must be communicated to those involved and rigorously complied with.

PS: Those clans that do not have an ethical code and a regulation of disciplinary regime can take as reference the ones published on our website.
Código Ético/Ethical Code
Régimen Disciplinario


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