M4 Sherman: John Wayne gets to Europe

sherman 15The M4 Sherman was the main medium combat tank manufactured by USA for its own use and that of the Allies during WW2. Total tank production exceeded 50,000 units and their chassis was the basis for other models such as tank destroyers, recovery vehicles and self-propelled artillery. Leer más “M4 Sherman: John Wayne gets to Europe”

Sovietic pride: T-34

In this issue, we will continue with the history of tanks. This time we will see the tank T-34 (1ªparte) a soviet tank produced between 1940 and 1945 (from 1940 to 1943 T-34/76 and 1943-1945 T-34/85).

The T-34 is the tank with better balance in firepower, mobility and protection existing at that time, although at the beginning it was not so. The unwillingness of the crew, lack of radio, bad ammunition and inadequate tactics ruin the expectations put on it. Leer más “Sovietic pride: T-34”

Model tanks. A bit of history: Tiger I

Pere is very fond of models. He belongs to TESR1 and loves tank models. He is going to write some articles about the history and characteristics of several tanks that took part in the WW2 and appear in the game whose models he owns.

Leer más “Model tanks. A bit of history: Tiger I”