Ethical Code

Fundamental principles of Tercios Españoles (Spanish Rush)
1) Good manners both in battle and in the forums. Do not insult opponents or teammates is part of the way to behave as a member of Tercios. Do not ashame Tercios Españoles under any circumstances with your language or behavior.
2) All members of the clan are equal without any discrimination based on sex, age, religion or other circumstances.
3) Our strength is team work. No matter how good individual players we are we must fully work for our team.
4) Players will be equipped with the necessary technical resources decided by the clan to communicate with each other in battle.
5) Clan members will participate as actively as possible in the game, forums and events related to the game.
6) The members of the clan will preferably be Spanish or Hispanic.
7) The Clan is explicitly detached from any political ideology making allusions is vetoed in any public demonstration on ideologies or beliefs of a member of the Clan that may be offensive to other players.
8) The use of offensive or abusive language, in any media related to the game (battle chat, forums, etc.) is also prohibited.
9) Our users should have a winning percentage of 55%, acquired through his experience by playing increasingly high levels. They should own at least one Tier X tank with a minimum of 50% of experience and they will not be discriminated, once made effective recruitment, by criteria of effectiveness, WR, experience, etc.
10) It is a task of all clan members to instruct other less experienced members of our own community and of World of Tanks Blitz in general on proper forms, strategies, game modes, etc. by the active and constructive participation in forums and social networks.
11) Each member of the Clan must respect his mates and be aware of their role within it. The most estimated value should be showing others our pride of belonging to a group like no other.