February’s ICE Event will take place next Friday

ICE Event  (Inter Clan Event) this month has already got a date. The meeting will take place within the server of Phoenix the next February 12th starting at 8 pm (CET) 7 pm (GMT) and the members of our clans, of course, are invited. Leer más “February’s ICE Event will take place next Friday”

Sovietic pride: T-34

In this issue, we will continue with the history of tanks. This time we will see the tank T-34 (1ªparte) a soviet tank produced between 1940 and 1945 (from 1940 to 1943 T-34/76 and 1943-1945 T-34/85).

The T-34 is the tank with better balance in firepower, mobility and protection existing at that time, although at the beginning it was not so. The unwillingness of the crew, lack of radio, bad ammunition and inadequate tactics ruin the expectations put on it. Leer más “Sovietic pride: T-34”

Heavy tanks: armor and firepower

To continue with the previous issue of this section, we will discuss today heavy tanks. A Heavy tank is mainly that: heavy. It is heavy and slow. Especially compared with a light or medium their tonnage is very high. At least their weight is too high in relationwith their engine power. I mean a Churchill tank has less weight than an E50M, but the engine power of the medium German tank makes it quick and fast. As a consecuence of that, we consider as a  heavy the first one and a medium the second one. Leer más “Heavy tanks: armor and firepower”

Two new deputy commanders for TESR1 and ELCID

bustopere copia
Escipionelafricanus_ps while working as a bust in a military museum
bustosergio copia
Although Sergio hasn’t got arms he plays quite well. Congratulations, pal.

Indeed, clan members Escipionelafricanus_ps (Pere) and sverdasco (Sergio) will have from now on the role of deputy commanders of, respectively, TESR1 and ELCID.
Their essential task will be the responsability of recruitment and selection of applicants to enter the clan, to teach and help them take in their first steps in our large group of friends. Leer más “Two new deputy commanders for TESR1 and ELCID”

Medium tanks: hungry wolves

The previous article in this series of tactics has led me to my early days in the game. I still remember when I started. By then, my dream was to develop the legendary Panther. I had no idea that this was an “average” tank and it was a difficult tank to play (mostly considering it is radically “nerfed” in Blitz). My disappointment was great when I got to Tier VII and discovered that all pierced me and I lasted a minute in the battlefield. “True Panther is not this one. The real one is the Panther II, the following Tier “- I said to my self. And Panther II, another failure. Leer más “Medium tanks: hungry wolves”