1st Tercios Españoles Annual Meeting 2016

It seems like yesterday when, through the game chat, I received a mysterious message from olo_Alf_olo. My hero (who was Captain America for me by then) invited me to join the creators of a clan  and he asked me for my whatsapp. Of course, I rushed to send him my number as if the prettiest girl in the High School had told me we could meet on Saturday (and I were 17 years old). Leer más “1st Tercios Españoles Annual Meeting 2016”

Our Web will include an English version of all articles

paginaeninglesFrom now on, all articles in our web will be written both in Spanish and in English. With this work we try to make it easy for our friends in Europe to follow the steps of our clan and get to know about our activities. We will also provide tutorials for anyone who is interested. News and thoughts about the game or any other things related to it will be the themes of our writes.
Just click on the British fan on top right of every article and you will be directed to the English version. I am only going to beg you for your pardons ONCE for my English.

English version
English version

At the moment, only new articles will be translated but we will try to do the same with the rest of the page and all its stories published before.
We are anxiously looking forward for your comments and feedback. Thanks.