M4 Sherman: John Wayne gets to Europe

sherman 15The M4 Sherman was the main medium combat tank manufactured by USA for its own use and that of the Allies during WW2. Total tank production exceeded 50,000 units and their chassis was the basis for other models such as tank destroyers, recovery vehicles and self-propelled artillery. Leer más “M4 Sherman: John Wayne gets to Europe”

Medium tanks: hungry wolves

The previous article in this series of tactics has led me to my early days in the game. I still remember when I started. By then, my dream was to develop the legendary Panther. I had no idea that this was an “average” tank and it was a difficult tank to play (mostly considering it is radically “nerfed” in Blitz). My disappointment was great when I got to Tier VII and discovered that all pierced me and I lasted a minute in the battlefield. “True Panther is not this one. The real one is the Panther II, the following Tier “- I said to my self. And Panther II, another failure. Leer más “Medium tanks: hungry wolves”