Campers, snipers, noobs

Camping three yards over the ground is one of noobs golden slumber

Surely sometimes you have wondered what are all these words in the dictionary for. Especially when the three appear to mean the same thing. Leer más “Campers, snipers, noobs”

Game Mechanics for Newbies

Original article publised in WOTBlitz Forum by DerpyMcderp

Welcome to my guide about game mechanics just to help you guys new to the game. Most if not all mechanics will be mentioned here!

Number 1: Sixth Sense.

This is usually the first thing a new player sees. Sixth sense is a notice to tell you that you have been spotted by an enemy teammate. It appears in the forms of a light bulb and a small “ping” sound (no, your crew doesn’t have a cunning plan). This makes you visible to EVERY enemy team mate. If you are the first person spotted, this usually results in a hailstorm of shells hitting your tank. So, if you do get spotted, try and dash to cover so you don’t die prematurely. Leer más “Game Mechanics for Newbies”