Tercios Españoles Spanish Rush Clan is considered to be the benchmark of the Iberian Peninsula Clans. Its components testify to the honor and the most commendable capacity whenever they are in the game. In each game, in interclans contests or events, our players always fight for the top places and are unavailable to discouragement.

The philosophy of our Clan is to be a role model not only for our results in battle or our Win Rate, but for our sportsmanship and balanced behavior. It is not enough to carry the flag of the clan, we must honor it.

Members of Tercios Españoles must be an example of activity in forums and social networks always in support of the game and the players. The publication of guides, tutorials, comments and positive threads in the Forum of WoT Blitz or our own Web will be our calling card.

Tercios Españoles is not only a great group of players, but also friends. It is therefore essential friendly and fluid treatment between us and integration in the team by participating in groups of Whataspp, and the rooms our Team Speak Server.

WoTB friend, when we meet in battle think of us as a tireless partner or a fierce enemy. But do not ignore us, because Tercios Españoles is a Clan worth to be taken into account.